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Marci Serota studied Food Science and Human Nutrition at the University of Florida where she earned a Bachelor of Science in Dietetics, and completed her dietetic internship at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston, MA. She became a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist in 1999. Marci worked as a clinical dietitian in the hospital setting for over 6 years and spent 3 years in private practice where she was fortunate to learn about and practice nutrition intervention for clients with food addiction. After taking some time off to care for her children, one of whom was diagnosed with a brain tumor at the age of 3, Marci became a Certified Yoga Teacher. She developed an interest in Ayruveda, the sister science of Yoga, which is an ancient, holistic healing system that addresses the underlying causes of disease: the way that we live and what we put into our bodies. Through working with an amazingly gifted Ayruveda practitioner, Marci learned about using food as medicine. Marci has integrated this holistic perspective as well as her experience in treating food addiction and diabetes into her nutritional approach to hypothalamic obesity. Marci’s experience as both a registered dietitian nutritionist and as parent to a child with hypothalamic obesity puts her in a unique position to help others who are dealing with this extremely difficult condition.

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Marci Serota has produced an astonishing book documenting her son' s struggles with hypothalamic obesity following a curative resection of his craniopharyngioma and her journey to develop a rational, science based dietary approach to control and ultimately reverse his metabolic disorder and obesity.  Her writing speaks both to the heart and mind of all who are involved with hypothalamic obesity.  I am impressed with the remarkably pragmatic backbone to the entire book and the balanced perspective given the passion and extremes that this disease engenders
-Jeffrey Wisoff, MD, Pediatric Neurosurgery, NYU Langone Health

Hungry for Solutions saved my son's life!  My son Evan has panhypopituitarism and hypothalamic obesity after removal of the same brain tumor that Marci's son had.  Being a very busy single Mom and never having the desire, time, or creativity for cooking, my mainstay was processed food.  I know better now that processed food and sugar was not just unhealthy, but detrimental to my son's well-being and quality of life.As a physician, I am impressed with Marci's determination, thoroughness and well-executed nutrition plans.  They will not only help our kids and specific patient populations, but all of America needs to read this book to understand the complexity of foods and how they are made/processed in this country and how our bodies deal with them.This is a wonderful, organized, and well-thought out book.  It explains why, what happened, and how to deal with it.  Marci holds your hand at every step and manages to include nutrition plans, menus, and recipes. And this book has it all...blood, sweat and tears. Sadness, anger, emotion, happiness, and contentment.   Struggle, sacrifice, introspection, hopefulness, and learning. Marci had to go through all this in order to create something beautiful. I can never thank her enough!
Ameera J. Ali, M.D.

Marci Serota has written a must-read book for any parent who has a child struggling with excessive weight gain and health issues related to childhood obesity. Her no-nonsense, direct and honest approach to redefining what food is and appropriate portions sizes children need is an invaluable resource to parents like myself. Her program changed our lives.
-Stacey Kaplan

Hypothalamic obesity (HO) is one of the most devastating side effects of the treatment of a craniopharyngioma brain tumor and can leave patients and caregivers desperate for a solution and hopeless when no real solutions are offered. Marci’s personal account of how this condition was affecting her son and her family as a whole, her determination to find a realistic way to manage the condition and the amazing results she and JR achieved provides hope for so many battling this disorder. I have put Marci’s guidelines into practice with success for my own son who battles a mild form of this condition. This book also provides much-needed guidelines for medical professionals who are at a loss of how to help their patients find a way to overcome the excessive hunger and uncontrollable weight gain that comes with this rare disease. There is a lot of hope here in the future treatment of HO as well as the greater epidemic of obesity in children.
Amy Wood, President, Raymond A. Wood Foundation

Being a busy mother, a Registered Dietitian and long-time yoga practitioner in and of itself is a challenging job to balance. Imagine young parents, both health professionals and being told their three-year old son had a brain tumor that with would cause him to gain weight at a rapid pace, become obsessed with food and constantly hungry!
    This book is a powerful and must-have tool for any parent whose child may have similar  health conditions. Marci explains the plan in a very easy to follow format. 
    I applaud Marci for her never ending determination through pure love and patience to help her child to have a wonderful, healthy and happy life as any young eleven-year old should have. Little JR now has the tools to feel empowered to have the healthy and fulfilling life he deserves -he earned it!
– Lisa Ronco, RD, C.D.E

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Summer can be a difficult time for working moms, special needs moms and especially for parents of children with HO.   Figuring how to keep your child busy and keep the focus off food is one of the biggest sources of anxiety for parents of children with HO.  Summer can be a wonderfully lazy time, however …

by Marci Serota, RDN Article published in the June 2019 Food and Diet addition of Simplify Magazine (www.simplifymagazine.com) Almost everyone has heard that childhood obesity is on the rise. In fact, we hear it so often that the words have started to lose their meaning. Many people don’t pause to consider the implications of childhood …

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